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Why Gdynia
Gdynia is a unique city offering a very high quality of life and comfortable conditions for business in a compact city.

Our inhabitants are our greatest potential. Gdynia has topped the rankings of Polish cities when it comes to how satisfied with their place of residence the people are. Talent pool, apart from the attractive location is one of the deciding factors for the investor. We offer qualified staff with strong language skills, experience in various businesses located in Gdynia and educated in many universities located in Gdynia’s and the whole Tri-City.

Thanks to its coastal location, fast growth of Port of Gdynia & transport infrastructure surrounding it and the presence of 2 universities focused on the maritime sector, Gdynia offers unique conditions for any TSL activity and development of IT / robotic / automation solutions dedicated to maritime industry.

Being a part of Tri-City agglomeration, which as a whole offers a large number of IT graduates and  Gdynia offers comfortable conditions for locating IT competence centers focused on software development, infrastructure management or support functions.

Gdynia offers also the unique possibility to locate innovative projects in almost any area thanks to the presence of Pomeranian Science and Technological Park – offering the largest infrastructure in Poland for start-ups and small / medium sized companies engaged in providing or developing innovative products or services. The Park offers office space, laboratories, 3D printers, storage space, meeting rooms and much more. It is also a place for building contact and cooperation networks, knowledge gathering thanks to many conferences, workshops, trainings, advisory services organized by or in the Park.


Bulwar Gdyński
Bulwar Gdyński